"I stumbled upon Sarah's art on social media and was immediately drawn in by the vibrancy and variety of her work. I have subsequently purchased two pieces from Sarah and it gives me great pleasure to support an emerging artist with such talent." - L. Taggart, UK

"After seeing Sarah's gallery online I commissioned a wood canvas piece for my home. I am delighted with her artwork, surpassing my expectations. Communication and overall service was excellent." - A. Stevens, Japan

"I spotted Sarah's work on her Instagram and found the images mesmerising. She arranged for them to be nicely framed and now they have pride of place next to my piano, as a valued source of inspiration!" - D. Mason, UK

"I discovered Sarah's work randomly on insta, I've since been subjugated by the artist, her sensibility, and aesthetic ethic. We can feel these qualities just by watching the pics, but once you own a piece from her works, it floods all your room with this powerful aura. I'm the lucky owner of 4 pieces, perfectly delivered with the greatest care to Paris where I live. People ask me who is the artist, since the works seem alive. Not only beautiful, but also so original and deep!" - L. Dauphin, France

"Sarah's a great artist. As an artist myself, I always look at the work of others, with the hopes of seeing a little piece of who they really are, a little piece of their artist soul, and not just a pretty image. True artists will include a piece of themselves in everything they create, because their work is an extension of the person behind their everyday mask. If you are willing to look deep into her work, you will see the same thing I did, a 'true artist'. So far I have two of her pieces. The first one is called 'Man' which she created 20 years ago and contains her artist soul. The second painting was a custom piece called 'Audrey'. I asked her to make a special version with only one request, to use blue as her primary color. When I received 'Audrey' and held it for the first time, the piece was beyond my every expectation. Though I only have two of Sarah's pieces today, I know I will be adding more to my collection in the future. So if you love art and if you want to connect to a true artist, you MUST get a Sarah original! P.S. Be ready to add more than one of her pieces to your collection, because I couldn't stop at one!" - T. Hyman, USA

"Working with Sarah was a delight and honor. Her artwork/paintings are unique and beautiful. The first painting that I purchased from her is magnificent! I told her in a correspondence that 'I think I am the owner of one of the most intriguing and captivating paintings that you have created', to date anyway. It appeared extremely colorful and almost three dimensional in the photos she had posted. When I received it in the mail, it was very well packaged. When I opened and removed it from, I was extremely happy, the photos did not do it justice; it is gorgeous! It sparkles and 'speaks'. It appears as though one could step into its depth, I love it! I then asked Sarah if she would be willing to do a piece for me that I sort have had in my mind; she did. It is titled 'Glastonbury 2016 - PJH'. My favourite musician/singer/songwriter, Miss Polly Jean Harvey. It too is magnificent! The colors and the concept. Sarah captured Miss Harvey's rainy misty day at the festival with utter brilliance! I absolutely love it. And Sarah's correspondences that go along with her paintings make them all the more priceless, to me anyway. I'm looking forward to doing business with her again!" - R. Clevenger, USA


Goodwood Racecourse, Sussex Art Fairs

15th – 17th May 2020, Independent Artist Exhibition



Shortlisted as a finalist for the Prisma Art Prize 3rd Edition 2019

The drawing of a city.

Free Man In Paris

Digital print on wood


Prisma Art Prize 3rd Edition Finalist

The orange painting of a city.


Acrylic / Ink (original)


Prisma Art Prize 3rd Edition Finalist